Konica-Minota Vivid 9i – Check List

Note:  The Konica Minolta VIVID 9i is best suited for indoor use.  It will not work in direct or indirect sunlight.  Any planned outdoor scanning should be done at night or under a blackout tent.  The Minolta is also meant to be plugged in, so a generator or alternate power source is required when working outdoors.


___  VIVID 9i Scanner (Large orange hard case)

___  Turntable – optional (Medium black hard case)

___   Manfrotto tripod

___ Laptop with Polyworks installed (with REQUIRED Plugins Add-on).  If you are going to be off the network, then you must borrow a license from the Polyworks license server to be able to use the software.  Note:  The laptop must be 32 bit with Windows XP with a PCMCIA card slot and serial connection.  The Panasonic Toughbook is most commonly used with VIVID 9i and has the required configuration.

___  Black lens box

___  Small black case with cables and accessories

___  Additional lighting – optional (not shown above)  Note:  In addition to capturing surface information and detail of an object, the VIVID 9i also captures color (RGD) data.  If the color properties of an object are important to your project, then we advise to use additional lighting to ensure more accurate color capture.  CAST has a three light setup that uses white flicker-free flourescents that is available for checkout.  If color is important – use good lighting (it can make all the difference).

KM_check2 KM_check3


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