C10 Scanning Checklist

Everyday pre-scanning check:

  • clip_image001 Check to ensure glass window and lens are free of dust, smudges and fogging. Clean if needed.
  • clip_image002 Photograph scanner location if desired.


C10 scanner setup

  • clip_image003 Set up tripod as level as possible.
  • clip_image004 Always pick up scanner with two hands – one ALWAYS on the top handle.   Do not let go of the top handle until the scanner is fully secured on the tripod.
  • clip_image005 Level tribrach before turning scanner on.
  • clip_image006 Power scanner on.
  • clip_image007 Fine tune using digital level in the Level and Laser Plummet menu
  • clip_image003[1] Create new project: Manage > New. Enter name and press Enter. Click Store button. Click Cont.
  • clip_image008 Select Scan icon. Click StdStpDO NOT click ‘Cont’ as this will add more data into STN1.
  • clip_image005[1] Set desired scan field in Fld of View window. Target All = full dome scan.
  • clip_image002[1] Set desired resolution in Resolution window.
  • clip_image009 Set the image exposure in the ImgCtr window.
  • clip_image007[1] Select Sc+Img or Scan button depending on whether you want to collect color or not.
  • clip_image010 NEVER take the scanner off the tripod until it has completely shut down and the FAN HAS TURNED OFF*.


*If the fan has not turned off after several minutes, and it is not excessively hot outside, the scanner may not have shutdown properly. In this case, press down the power button and wait for three beeps (beep.. pause… beep beep). This will result in a hard shut down of the system.

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