Z+F 5006i

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Click here to see a time lapse video of Construction Scanning at Vol Walker

The Z+F 5006i scanner is one of the Center’s three long/mid-range scanners. Others are an Optech ILRIS and a Leica C10. The Z+F is a phase based system while the Optech and Lieca systems are time-of-flight. The Z+F is designed for an effective working range of 1m to ca 50 m – though somewhat longer distances are possible to its design limit of 79 m. Because it is a phase based system it can acquire data very rapidly – up to some 500,000 points/second – and its motorized head permits data to be acquired in with 360 degree (horizontal) by 310 degree (vertical) coverage. As a result, it is ideal in scanning building interiors, complex urban spaces and similar situations.  Like the C10 it can be used in stand-alone mode or with wireless or wired connection to a laptop.

The 5 megapixel Schneider Kreuznach M Cam camera system can be attached to the Z+F scanner to automatically acquire color images that can be mapped onto the point cloud using Z+F Laser Control Software. Specifications of the camera system are provided here. Data acquired by the systems is processed using various software including CycloneCloudWorx (for AutoCAD) PolyWorks and Rapidform. Results from Z+F scans can be quickly displayed over the web using the Leica TruView software.
More information on the Z+F 5006i can be found here.

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