Grad601-2 Magnetic Gradiometer

Setup Operations

CAST's Bartington 601 at Tiwanaku, BoliviaThe Bartington Grad601-2 is a single axis magnetic field graiometer sytem. It has two cyndrical gradiometrers with sensors seperated by a meter mounted on a carring bar. This instrument is designed for archaeological prospection and allows geophysical surveys to be completed rapidly. It also has applications for forensics and detecting the presence of instalations before excavation incliding pipes, cables and UXOs (unexploded ordinances).
For more info on the Grad601, please see the instrument web page at Bartington Instruments.

Magnetic gradiometry data of Caddo structures collected with the Bartington Grad601 by Duncan McKinnon in SW Arkansas.

Magnetic gradiometry results indicating the presence of large circular structures at the Battle Mound site in southwest Arkansas. McKinnon, Duncan P. 2009 Exploring Settlement Patterning at a Premier Caddo Mound Site in the Red River Great Bend Region. Southeastern Archaeology 28(2): 248-258.

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