STING R1 Earth Resistivity Meter

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Aaron Fogel configuring the STING R1

CAST possesses a Sting R1, manufactured by Advanced Geosciences, Inc. (AGI). It is a single-channel portable earth resistivity meter with a capacity for 56 probes. The instrument includes the Sting R1 resistivity meter, a Sting switch box, and a Swift box.  It operates using both an internal battery and an external 12V wet cell battery. The instrument connects via long cables with an individual take-out for each probe. This enables individual surveys to be conducted at probe spacings of up to 6m.  Once a survey is set up, the instrument records resistivity readings for hundreds of points automatically.  Numerous default surveys can be selected on the instrument including Pole-Pole, Schlumberger, Dipole-Dipole, and Wenner arrays, or the user may create a custom command file.  The Sting R1 is capable of performing both 2D profiles and true 3D surveys, as illustrated below in data collected in Syria.  Two-dimensional profiles are processed in AGI’s Earthimager 2D.  Three-dimensional surveys are processed using AGI’s Earthimager 3D.  All survey types can be topographically corrected to account for surface topography.
Aaron Fogel using STING R1 at Umm el Marra, Syria, survey results from Qarqur Syria 2006.

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