University of Arkansas, FAMA Plant Buildings

Working with the University of Arkansas’ Facilities Management and Planning Departments (FAMA), in the winter of 2010-11, CAST laser scanned the interiors of two campus plants and the exterior of the buildings.  This high density survey was requested by FAMA to aid the engineers in modeling the complex network of equipment and pipes in the heating and chilling plants for retrofitting and maintenance.  The Center used it as an opportunity to better understand scanning and documenting such highly complex interior spaces, as well as to explore how scanning data inter-operates with CAD programs and real-life engineering agendas.

Merged scans of the FAMA Plant buildings were collected with the Leica C10 laser scanner. The scans included multiple floors within the building interiors as well as the building exteriors. Interior scans were collected with a point spacing of approximately 2 cm at the most dense (at a range of < 2 meters) to approximately 120 cm at the least dense (at a range of 35 meters). Exterior scans were collected with a point spacing of approximately 30 cm. The data sets have been separated due to file size and data density.

Credits: Data was collected in collaboration with University of Arkansas Facilities Management, Operations and Maintenance and Campus Planning Divisions with outstanding assistance from Bob Harris, Construction Coordinator.


To explore the data set, we recommend Leica TruView and Internet Explorer. The data is in .xyz ascii file format. For a complete list of links to the Leica TruView data related to this project, and for instructions on using TruView, please see: Accessing Heating & Chilling Plant TruViews.

Click on a blue place marker or blue polygon to access scan data.
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Please note. This data is distributed under a Creative Commons 3.0 License (see for the full license). You are free to share and remix

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