Trimble GeoExplorer

Setup Operations

Currently, for high-precision mapping, CAST has threeTrimble GeoXH handheld GPS receiver Trimble GeoXH Handheld receivers, which deliver sub-foot (30 cm) GPS accuracy. For more general mapping applications, CAST has five Trimble GeoXM Handheld receivers, which deliver 1- to 3-meter accuracy. Both these units provide 8-hour battery life.

CAST also has two Trimble GPS Pathfinder Pro XRS receivers, which can deliver real-time beacon-corrected sub-meter accuracy.

Trimble GPS Pathfinder Pro XRS receiver

In order to meet the accuracy figures quoted here, differential correction of collected data must be performed using a mapping-grade base station. CAST, in cooperation with Development Consultants Inc. of Fayetteville, AR, maintains an FTP site to provide Base Station differential correction files for GPS users in Arkansas and the surrounding region. DGPS data can be obtained at the following, CAST maintained, ftp site: Those using Trimble Pathfinder Office software will find CAST listed as a download site in the “Internet Search” option of the “Differential Correction” module.

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