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Polyworks, offered by Innovmetric Software, Inc., is a modularized package that offers a centralized workspace for organizing component parts of 3D data processing from scan alignment to meshing to inspection. Users can access any of the main modules (IMAlign, IMMerge, IMEdit, IMInspect) from the Polyworks Workspace Manager as well as individually from the Start Menu.

The Polyworks Suite was instrumental in the Center’s development of The Virtual Hampson Museum.  For this project, combining the software modules allowed CAST to both align and process the raw scans, as well as to carry out a variety of more complex, post-processing refinements to the data sets.  For this project and others, Polyworks provides a multitude of analytic and viewing tools to study and evaluate virtual objects in situations where the real world objects cannot undergo such study.

Please see  Polyworks V12 DataSheet.pdf for more information from the Innovmetric website


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