SIR-3000 Ground Penetrating Radar

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Jason Herrmann using the GPR at Tell Qarqur, Syria

CAST has one SIR-3000 unit. The SIR-3000 is a ground penetrating radar acquisition system manufactured by Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc. It is designed for use by a single operator and allows for field data to be collected, visualized, and stored for later download.  The SIR-3000 is compatible with all GSSI antennas for survey flexibility.  Depth prospection varies based on antenna frequency and substrate, but typical investigations range from 0.5 – 3 meters in depth. It is commonly used for geological, archaeological and forensic investigations.

For more information on the SIR-3000, refer to the manufacturer’s website and instrument datasheet.

GPR data collected by Jason Herrmann and the Dubai Desert Survey

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