Modeling Software

Autodesk AutoCAD/RevitLeica CycloneINUS Technology RapidForm XORGoogle SketchUpUnity

Insula 16 model

A view of one of the models developed in the Digital Pompeii Project, a joint collaboration between CAST, the Classical Studies Program and the Humanities Program

CAST researchers work with 3D data derived from a variety of sources, including close and mid range laserscanning, photogrammetry, and metric survey. Modeling is an essential part of processing and studying these data. Modeling activities include everything from cleaning the raw 3D data and fitting vector primitives, to the development of full fledged virtual environments containing multiple objects, to the creation of simulations and analyses based on real-world data.






Modeling from a point cloud in Autodesk's Autocad

We use a variety of software packages to carry out modeling tasks. Many projects will use more than one software package as data is moved through different processing stages, or as data from different sources are combined. In this section of the GMV you will find information and workflows for some of these software packages.


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