Saqsaywaman, Peru

Low Resolution Oblique Aerial Image of Saqsaywaman, Cuzco, Peru

Oblique Aerial Image

This low-resolution, oblique aerial photography captured over the archaeological site of Saqsaywaman near Cusco, Peru in early 2006 is a nice example of what can be done with non-traditional aerial images. These four images were taken with a 1.2 megapixel camera from a relatively low altitude and represent the type of data you would typically expect when collecting close-range digital images via a low flying aircraft, UAV, kite, or balloon.

Download these images here and follow the workflows for photogrammetric processing in PhotoScan or PhotoScan Pro.



Mapview of the dataset

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Credit: Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies (University of Arkansas) and Cotsen Institute for Archaeology (UCLA)
Longer version: Data acquired under the authority of the Alexei Vranich, Cotsen Institute for Archaeology (UCLA). Data distributed by the Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies (University of Arkansas).

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