Leica C10: Starting a New Project

This workflow will show you how to create a new project prior to scanning with the Leica C10 Laser Scanner.
Hint: You can click on any image to see a larger version.

Start a new project

From the main menu click the ‘Manage’ icon.

Click ‘New’ to start a new project

Click into the ‘Name’ box and a keyboard will appear. Enter your desired project name and click ‘Ent’.

Hit ‘Store’ to store the project folder


You will now see your project highlighted in the ‘Project list’. Click ‘Cont’.

This will return you to the main menu – click on the ‘Scan’ icon.


Click ‘NewSt’ to create a new station setup.  Confirm your project is listed.  Choose ‘StdStp’ (Standard Setup highlighted in magenta below).



Click the drop down arrow to the right of the ‘Presets’ menu

Select the appropriate preset or enter a custom field of view.

Preset                    Horizontal FoV°           Vertical FoV°
Custom View                User defined                 User Defined
Quick Scan                   Defined by QS aiming       135(-45- +90)
Rectangle 60×60                 60                                    60
Rectangle 90×90                 90                                    90
Rectangle 360×60              360                                  60
Rectangle 360×90              360                                  90
Target all                            360                                  270


Click into the ‘Resolution’ tab and choose the resolution desired. We are initially recommending a 7 minute ‘Medium Res’ Scan.

Preset             Horizontal Spacing       Vertical Spacing          Range
custom res        user defined                         user defined                  user defined
low res                    .2m                                       .2m                                    100m
medium res            .1m                                       .1m                                    100m
high res                  .05m                                     .05m                                  100m
highest res            .02m                                     .02m                                  100m

Once you have chosen your resolution you will see an indication of the level of detail of your results. (At Medium Resolution this will give you a point spacing of 10mm at 10m, 20mm at 20m and so on).


If RGB data is important, it is recommended that you manually set the exposure.  Click on the Image Ctrl Tab.  Set Exposure to Manual.  Click on ChkExp tab at bottom of screen to check the exposure.  Manually turn the scanner around the field of view, adjusting the exposure with the pull tab on the right.  Once the exposure is correct, click the return key and note the value of the Time (ms).  Use this value for subsequent scans in the area.  Adjust this number if lighting conditions or locations change.


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