Optech ILRIS 3D: Set up and Basic Operation

These are basic set-up and operation instructions for operating the Optech ILRIS 3D with a laptop. See the Optech Manual that accompanies the scanner for more detailed information.

1.  Set up the tripod as levelly as possible

2.  Attach scanner to tripod, be sure to tighten screw securely

3.  Turn on laptop and connect it to scanner using either the cable or wireless network. Depending on the desired configuration, please set up accordingly:

Ethernet/Wired Connection

– In Control Panel > Network Connections > Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
– Use the following IP address: and Subnet Mask:
– In I3dNet Software > Go to tools > Prefs > Communication > Enter
– Polyworks dongle

Wireless Connection

– In Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), enter the following IP address: and Subnet Mask:
– In I3dNet Software > Enter IP address
– Note that to reset the IP address you can log onto the internet > In Control Panel > Network Connections > (TCP/IP) > Specify ‘Obtain IP Address Automatically’

4.  Connect batteries to I-Bar in a T-shape. This is the only way that they will provide power to scanner

5.  Connect batteries to scanner using battery cable

6.  Start the I3DNet Program

7.  Go to the Communication Menu > Click ‘Connect’

8.  Click icon with red outline to place scanning area on screen and re-size red box to define the scan area

9.  Click ‘Acquire’ button to obtain the distance to the object to be scanned

10. Set the parameters of the scan – First will return readings from the first object/surface that is encountered while Last will return readings from the last object/surface that is encountered. Use Last to scan ‘through’ objects such as trees, fences, etc.

11. Set point spacing of laser (resolution)

12. Press the apply button

13. Start scan and save the file in the desired location

14. Parse scan to check data quality

15. Continue to Optech ILRIS Parser: Pre-Processing Scan Data


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