Nikon D200 IR Calibration Values

Nikon D200 IR Calibration

Nikon D200 IR Calibration

Below are camera calibration values for the CAST Nikon D200 IR camera with Nikkor 28 mm lens. For projects requiring highest accuracy it is recommended that you perform your own calibration, otherwise these values can be used.

PhotoModeler v2012 Calibration Values (August 2013, F-stop of f/8, overall RMS 0.218 pixels):
– Focal Length: 29.630373 mm
– Xp: 11.836279 mm
– Yp: 8.051145 mm
– Fw: 23.999451 mm
– Fh: 16.066116 mm
– K1: 1.435e-004
– K2: -1.481e-007
– P1: 5.659e-006
– P2: -1.311e-005

Calibration Values for PhotoScan (converted from PhotoModeler values using Agisoft Lens):
– fx: 4.7804273068544844e+003
– fy: 4.7803319847309840e+003
– cx: 1.9096258642704192e+003
– cy: 1.2989255852147951e+003
– skew: -8.0217439143733470e-004
– k1: -1.2545715047710407e-001
– k2: 1.5266014429827224e-001
– k3: -7.6547741407995973e-002
– p1: 3.5948192692070413e-004
– p2: -1.5418228415832919e-004

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